Smart Machine

A revolutionary solution for advanced manufacturing. The Smart Machine using Industry 4.0 Technologies IIoT and Big Data Analytics powered by Trac and Trace.

INTRODUCING Eagle smart machine technology

Advancing manufacturing solutions with Industry 4.0 Technologies

Analytics through customizable reporting. Businesses from many industries rely on tracking data both to manage their production flow and to trace production errors back to their source in case of a recall. We provide tracking solutions as simple as a pass/fail paint mark and as complex as modern technology allows.

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today’s solution for tomorrow’s manufacturing

Eagle’s Smart Machine solution provides a futuristic approach to solving your manufacturing headaches.  Featuring:

  • Machine Notifications
  • Production Management
  • Process Control
  • Traceability
  • OEE & Downtime Tracking
  • Big Data Analytics
  • KPI Dashboards and Reporting


Downtime is expensive!  In addition to the standard on screen fault notifications, our Smart Machines solution can be configured to notify the appropriate person via Email and/or Text messages to insure immediate response!

Monitoring and notifications are also available for life cycles of perishable tooling and critical preventative maintenance items.

Production Management

Production runs on schedules.  Our Smart Machine solution allows you to build production schedules that can be manually started, process driven or schedule driven.  Schedules can be visible from management to the operators, making sure everyone is in the know.  Production status can be viewed in real time through the integrated dashboards.

Process control

We understand that controlling your processes is critical to your success.  Our Smart Machine solution gives you access to several key pieces of the puzzle:

  • Monitoring of parameters to insure they are in-tolerance
  • Visualization of active process steps and real-time pass/fail status
  • Recipe drive operator instructions available at the operation
  • Ability to enter shift notes for other operators and maintenance


Track each component through the manufacturing process.

Countless examples of product recalls over the past decades have demonstrated the costs of faulty production, and the importance of high quality control standards. A product recall isn’t only a significant loss of revenue and damaging to a business’s reputation, it’s also a waste of resources and raw materials.

The accurate product tracing provided by our technology can limit the scope of a recall by allowing businesses to pinpoint the origin of a manufacturing error, and recall only the parts affected.

  • Track material from entry to exit of your facility.
  • Analyze and quarantine product runs and batches.
  • Provide analytics on product build parameters and First Pass Yield.
  • Synchronize your ERP system and production floor in real-time.


Monitoring equipment productivity is essential to understanding how effectively your equipment is being utilized.  Our Smart Machine solution offers the ability to not only capture downtime related to the equipment for the OEE calculation, it is also configurable for operator use.  Downtime events can be revised, split into multiple events, and have notes added.

big data analytics via DASHBOARDS AND REPORTING

Easily display dashboards to the line, supervisors and management for review.  Standard and custom reports are available to extract all of your critical information from the Smart Machine system.

machine learning ai

Utilizing AI technologies, Smart Machine will go beyond simple maintenance schedules, it will have the ability to learn the machine operation to calculate future downtime.

Reports and dashboards

Click on the images below to scroll through the various dashboard and report examples.